KOSGEB Transferred 2.3 Billion TL to 70 Thousand Enterprises

We Will Continue to Promote the Growth Dreams of Our SMEs in the Next Year
Our Basic Priority is to Launch New Entrepreneurs and Contribute to the Development of Existing SMEs

Date: 26 December 2019

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that KOSGEB transferred 2.3 billion liras to 70 thousand businesses in 2019 and said, “We will continue to encourage the growth dreams of our SMEs with the same diligence next year. In the support we offer; Our main priority is to reveal new entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of existing SMEs. " said.

Speaking at the 6th SME and Entrepreneurship Awards Ceremony, Minister of Industry and Technology Varank said:

Debt of our neck

This year, our award ceremony was held by KOSGEB Prof. Dr. We wanted to be held in Fuat Sezgin Conference Hall. Our Esteemed President this year ‘Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Year '. KOSGEB gave the name of our valuable teacher to the conference hall we are in now. Our teacher, who died in the hereafter last year, was one of the most successful and hardworking scientists in our country. Our esteemed teacher, whose heart beats with the love of the country, devoted himself to unearth the scientific accumulation of our civilization. We see it as our duty to keep the memory of our teacher Fuat Sezgin, who will be mentioned for generations with his works. The fact that the awards of the initiatives that make a difference in our country's economy are given in this hall is also very meaningful in this respect.

Training for 70 Thousand Entrepreneur Candidates

KOSGEB continues to breathe the private sector with 13 support programs it currently implements. We take care to take critical steps to further develop the capabilities of SMEs in both the design and implementation of these programs. After taking office, we launched the Entrepreneurship Development Support Program. With this program, which we started at the beginning of the year, we supported businesses operating in both traditional and technology-based businesses. We transferred all of the entrepreneurship trainings we implemented within the scope of this program to digital media and offered them to our citizens via e-government. We trained 70 thousand entrepreneur candidates here. We attach importance to guiding the digital transformation of SMEs and meeting their needs in this process.

Visionary Program

Another application I would like to mention in particular is our KOBI TEKNOYATIRIM Support Program. This year, we started to implement the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program. Our aim here is to realize domestic and national production in the focus sectors and priority product groups we have determined. First, we made a call in the machinery industry. We received preliminary applications for projects with an R&D and investment budget of more than 10 million TL. We will finalize the final applications on December 31st. Next year, we will continue to implement this vioner program by making calls in different sectors. Here in the Hamle Program, we will support smaller-scale investment projects, that is, less than 10 million lira, with KOSGEB's KOBI TEKNOYATIRIM Support Program.

252 Million TL for 14 Thousand Women Entrepreneurs

We strive to ensure that women are more involved in the labor market. This year, we provided 252 million TL support to approximately 14 thousand women entrepreneurs. Financial support of 50 thousand TL; We increased it to 70 thousand lira for women, martyrs' relatives, veterans and youth. It is extremely necessary and beneficial for young people to turn to entrepreneurship. I say at every opportunity, our youth should pursue being an employer, not a job seeker. As the Ministry; ‘I have an idea but I have no capital. ' We continue to be with all our young people who say.

2.3 Billion TL to 70 Thousand Enterprises

This year, we spent all of our KOSGEB budget for the growth of our SMEs. We transferred 2.3 billion liras to 70 thousand businesses. Next year, we will continue to encourage our SMEs' growth dreams with the same meticulousness. Our institution's new support budget for 2020 has increased by 9 and a half. In this way, we will transfer approximately 2 billion liras of resources to the value added projects of our SMEs. In the support we offer; Our main priority is to reveal new entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of existing SMEs.

First in our hearts

This year, there was more than we expected for our SME and Entrepreneurship Awards. After the announcement of the awards, 2 thousand 356 SMEs, who were confident, participated in the competition. With the preliminary evaluation made according to the criteria on the system, the number first dropped to 362. Then, 21 finalists were determined to be awarded by 7 different evaluation commissions. Our jury, consisting of 13 members, each of whom is expert in their field, selected the first in each category among 21 successful SMEs. In addition, with the support of KOSGEB, we will give the Jury Special Award to a business that started its business life as an SME and then grew. Each of our shortlisted SMEs is actually the winner in our hearts.

Ownership Rights Belong to Us

Our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced. Turkey's Cars Initiative launched by the Group of Turkey's automobile Informatics Valley to be held tomorrow in Gebze front display. With this ceremony, we will also officially open the Informatics Valley, which will be the technology base of our country. With Turkey's Otomobili'yl, intellectual and industrial property rights, we are getting a car that belongs to us. Perhaps, with this initiative, we will have achieved two of our 2023 targets, namely to have global brands and to create Turcorns whose value exceeds a billion dollars. Turkey's Automobile of our country, I wish to make our nation better.