Reference no: TOES20190111001

Focusing on the development and manufacture of customizable / made-to-order catalysts and electrocatalysts, a Spanish SME offers catalytic technologies and solutions for process optimization and new synthesis related to the Chemical Engineering and Energy Industries. Spanning characterization, design and scaling (100kg), their expertise focuses on hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers and Power-to-Gas processes. Partnerships are sought for research and technical cooperation.

Reference no: BORO20191212001

A Romanian company specializing in the extraction and processing of zeolite minerals is looking for a partner to distribute one of its products - soil fertilizer - on the international market. The product is 100% natural and environmentally friendly and has proven results in reducing the production and cost of agricultural work. The cooperation will be in the framework of a distribution services agreement.

Reference no: RDSI20191224001

The Slovenian group of entrepreneurs, led by an investor, is looking for partners to solve pollution problems caused by single-use packaging. The project aims to achieve a circular economy in water management with innovative products for potable water: a water dispenser offering refined, carbonated or still water; a bottle dispenser that acts as a rental station for environmentally friendly bottles. SMEs are sought within the scope of research cooperation agreement.

Reference no: BOCZ20190815001

A Ukrainian R&D organization operating in the energy field offers a liquid film, a technology that flows over a solid surface and allows improvements in heat transfer between the surrounding gaseous medium in a cooling tower. It is obtained by introducing profiled surfaces for a film type infill whose curves can be calculated by the institution. It can be applied in gas-liquid heat exchangers for various industrial facilities. The institution wants to make a License or Financial agreement.

Reference no: TOHR20191212001

Croatian inventors from an academic institution have developed a solution that can be embedded in ultrasound machines to apply an indirect method of estimation (pleural effusion) to the lungs - which is its main advantage. Ultrasound-based diagnosis of lung condition is limited compared to examination of other organs due to the specific body structure. The inventors are currently looking for partners interested in releasing the product through licensing.

Reference no: BOES20190702002

A Spanish gourmet coffee producer, operating for more than 25 years and with an integrated and solid position in the national market, is looking for European distributors for its gourmet and sustainable products. The company is looking for distributors with well stablished networks within local franchise, regional coffee connoseurs stores, and good relationships with stablished networks. Partnerships are sought within the scope of distribution services and commercial agency agreements.