European Entrepreneurship Incentive Awards 2020

Applications for the European Entrepreneurship Incentive Awards 2020, which express the development of entrepreneurship with the support and encouragement of public institutions and organizations across Europe, have started.

Date: 30 March 2020

Good practices at national, regional or local level in supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs have been awarded with the European Entrepreneurship Incentive Awards since 2006. Sponsored by the European Commission in the European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards competition, held since 2006, the EU member states plus Iceland in the COSTA Program, Serbia and Turkey are participating. Thousands of projects have applied to the award program, supporting the establishment of more than 10,000 new businesses at European level.

The aim of the program is to identify the most successful promoters of businesses and entrepreneurship, demonstrate and share best entrepreneurship practices and policies, raise awareness across Europe about the role of entrepreneurs, and inspire and encourage potential entrepreneurs.

The award competition, in which institutions / organizations that develop and implement creative and successful models and projects for the development of entrepreneurship and SMEs at national, regional or local level, will participate in six categories this year in line with the decision of the European Commission.

European Entrepreneurship Incentive Awards 2020

In line with the decision of the European Commission, it will be held in the following six categories:

Developing entrepreneurship spirit: Activities and practices aiming to create entrepreneurship spirit and culture (mindset), especially among young people and women
Investing in entrepreneurial skills: Practices for developing entrepreneurial skills and professional, technical and managerial skills
Development of the entrepreneurship environment: Innovative policies and practices to support the establishment and development of businesses, simplify legal and administrative processes, and apply the "think small first" principle for the benefit of SMEs
Supporting the internationalization of businesses: Encouraging policies and practices for businesses, and especially SMEs, to take advantage of the opportunities available in both European and non-European markets
Supporting resource efficiency and the development of environmentally friendly (green) markets: Policies and practices that support SMEs' access to environmentally friendly (green) markets and help improve resource efficiency, such as developing, matching and financing environmentally friendly skills
Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship: Practices to promote shared social responsibility among small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, practices aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed, legal migrants, the disabled and ethnic minorities, especially the long-term unemployed.

An achievement award for each category mentioned above, as well as the Grand Jury Prize for the most creative and inspiring entrepreneurship application to be selected among all categories. Applications will be assessed in terms of whether the project has been implemented for at least 15 months, is original, innovative and reproducible in the region or elsewhere in Europe, and its contribution to the local economy and to improving local stakeholder relations.

To the competition;

Local, regional and national public institutions and organizations,
Public-private partnerships
will be able to apply.

Detailed information about the European Entrepreneurship Incentive Awards;

It is located at

Candidates who will apply for the 2020 European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards must fill in the application form (download from the link) and send it to the KOSGEB Administration until 1 June 2020.