Reference no: BRPL20200117002

A Polish company specializing in the production of high-quality regional meat, headquartered in North-eastern Poland, is looking for suppliers of different seasoning and spice mixes for meat. The company has experience in cold baked meat production for well-known retail chains under its own brand. The company is looking for partners who want to start long-term partnerships under the supplier agreement.

Reference no: BOES20200123001

A Berlin-based startup firm offers people who want a change in their professional business life with a program where they pair up with local, authentic producers from abroad. The initiative is looking for local producers who want to earn extra money and pass on their knowledge. Cooperation is envisaged under a service agreement.

Reference no: BOMK20191219003

A 23-year-old Spanish company offers organic raw materials, for example: almond flour, almond butter, almond oil, herbs, dried citrus peel, spicy olive oil. Commercial agency and distribution services contracts are offered.

Reference no: BOFI20200116001

A Finnish company passionate about the pure polar nature; It produces dried and powdered blueberries, blueberries and cranberries as well as chaga mushroom and spruce sprout powders. The company is entering new markets with superfood products and is looking for distribution partners.

Reference no: BOCZ20200127001

A Czech company, which is a gluten-free food wholesaler, is looking for foreign partners specializing in pasta. especially based in Slovakia. Gluten-free pasta is offered as the main product for collaboration. The foreign partner must be a distributor and cooperation is offered under a distribution services contract.

Reference no: BOCZ20200128001

Czech company is looking for new partners from abroad. The production phase includes fruits such as goji, aronia, raspberry, currant. All these fruits are modified by a special lyophilization method that contains vitamins and nutrition. The company is looking for partners for a distribution agreement or commercial agency agreement.

Reference no: BOBG20200128001

The Bulgarian plastic products manufacturer is looking for EU distributors from the food industry and offers them food, bags, etc. offers service agreements for the distribution of products such as plastic crates for storage and transport. Manufacturing contracts are offered for beverage factories, beverage producers, bakeries, butchers and confectionery manufacturing businesses seeking custom product manufacturers.

Reference no: BOSK20200204001

Slovak company, central EU's leading protein and energy bar brand, is looking for companies (new distributors and agents) with whom it can conclude commercial and distribution services contracts. Nutritious protein bars are the company's core business; at the same time this product is one of the best selling products in the market. Key products: high protein low sugar bars, collagen bars, crude protein bars and protein mixes.