Reference no: TORO20191227001

The Romanian company, which has been operating for more than 3 years, providing IT&C platforms for the capital market with 100% private equity, is looking for partners in their country interested in tailored solutions. Therefore, the company is seeking R&D partners specialized in mathematical modeling, IT&C and economics in order to further develop the IT&C technological platform in the capital market in European countries and to identify funding opportunities for research and development of the solution.

Reference no: TRSG20191202002

Singapore-based industry leaders are interested in partnering with start-ups, SMEs and research providers with related technologies to jointly develop a wide range of solutions in the Infocomm & Electronics category. It deals with technical assistance and licensing or commercial agreements with multinational companies, start-ups, research providers (e.g. universities / research institutions) and SMEs of all sizes.

Reference no: BOPL20200108001

SME from Poland is a software house where talented engineers design and develop sophisticated solutions for Industry 4.0. The company specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision solutions as well as advanced 3D graphics. The company is looking for partners who want to start cooperation under a subcontracting or subcontracting agreement.

Reference no: BOCZ20190815001

An innovative Czech company has been developing language tools and collecting linguistic data for over 20 years. New generation machine translators are able to offer translations of previously unimaginable quality thanks to their artificial intelligence and neural networks. Partners are sought to cooperate within the scope of the company, commercial agency agreement or license agreement.

Reference no: TOGR20191203001

A Greek healthcare software development company has developed an AI-powered service that recommends appropriate medications based on the patient's medical conditions and cross-checks them for adverse effects. The solution can control drug-drug and drug-disease interactions, recommended drugs per disease, and treatment posology, and generate personalized drug recommendations. The company is seeking technical assistance or license agreements and commercial deals.