Reference no: TOUA20191220002

A group of institutes from Ukraine has developed nanofluite samples for energy exchange systems that can be used efficiently in different devices from the engineering, transportation and industrial sectors. Compared to distilled water, these nano-fluids are 3-4 times the heat sink in systems. The group is seeking partners to develop a business plan to finish this technology and commercialize it through technical cooperation agreement.

Reference no: BOSE20191203001

This Swedish SME is the Nordic market leader in continuous remote tank monitoring systems. The company is now looking for partners to expand its markets, make distribution services agreements.

Reference no: TRCN20191224001

A Chinese company specializing in the design and manufacture of household appliances needs refrigerator humidity control, food freshness detection sensor and low temperature refrigeration semiconductor chip technology. The Chinese company wants to make a commercial agreement through technical assistance cooperation method.

Reference no: TOUK20200107001

Working on bioenergy and bio-renewable energy sources in the UK, SME has developed a technology that converts plastic, packaging and product wastes into electricity, process heat and products. In addition to reliable and cost-effective electricity, it provides off-grid access to containerized power generation that can be quickly and easily distributed and utilizes all types of agricultural and production waste. The company seeks strategic partners and project collaborations through license, technical or research cooperation agreements.

Reference no: BOBG20191219003

Bulgarian SME is an innovative company working in the field of Smart Sleep Systems. The products that the company sells are produced in an innovative way that helps eliminate all the downsides of bad sleep and increase the oxygen level in people's tissues. The company is ready to sign a commercial agency contract and distribution services contract.