Istanbul Fintech Week 2020 Bilateral Discussion Event

Between 15-16 September, within the scope of "Istanbul Fintech Week", a matching event in the field of international Financial Innovation and Technologies will be organized under the name of "Istanbul Fintech Week 2020 Matchmaking Event". Istanbul Fintech Week is an international event and platform where sectoral main topics and technology verticals in the field of financial innovation and technologies (fintech) are discussed, the latest innovation issues are discussed, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, managers and practitioners from all regions of the world come together and evaluate their cooperation.

The focus of matching will be on the following issues;

Banking 4.0
Insurance 4.0
Investment 4.0
Compliance and Regulation Technologies
Financial Inclusion
Open Innovation
Cyber ​​security
Matching Activity; It will take place between April 1 and April 2 at the Vodofane Park Stadium in Istanbul. This event is organized by KOSGEB Istanbul İmes Directorate and European Business Network Istanbul IST-BUSINNOVA Consortium partners.

Date: 15 September - 16 September 2020

Location: Vodafone Park Stadium