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The Enterprise Europe Network offers concrete and effective solutions to entrepreneurs and companies in 60 countries, including European Union member countries, candidate countries and other participating countries such as China, Russia, Brazil, Egypt and America.

You can use the form below to examine the profiles of your potential partners in 60 countries that are members of the European Business Network, select the appropriate ones from the options opened in the form and review the listed profiles.

The use of query fields depends on your preference, but the more you choose from the query fields, the more the profile list you will encounter will be filtered according to your purpose. When you click on the titles of the appropriate profiles from the list, you can see the details of the profiles. You can use the button.

In the "Profile Type" field on the form;
From 60 AIA member countries;

  • Turkey products to reach foreign companies who want to sell or distributorship "Commercial Cooperation Presenters" option,
  • manufacturer or distributor looking to reach foreign companies from Turkey, "Commercial Cooperation Seekers" option
  • Turkey technology / know-how of foreign firms wanting to sell to reach "Technological Cooperation Presenters" option
  • Turkey technology / know-how to foreign companies seeking to achieve "Technological Cooperation Seekers" option
  • Click on "Request for R&D Cooperation" to access the common search profiles of foreign companies that want to cooperate within the scope of EU R&D funds (Eureka, Eurostars, Horizon 2020).
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