Reference no: BODE20200127001

A German company specializing in the production of organic and climate neutral fertilizers consisting of proportionately large amounts of humus to avoid groundwater pollution is seeking partners for worldwide commercial agency or distribution services contracts.

Reference no: BOQA20190911001

A manufacturer based in Qatar is looking for distributors, agents and wholesalers and / or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements for medical syringes, subcutaneous needles and IV (intravenous) cannulas. The company is looking for commercial agency, distribution and manufacturing agreements.

Reference no: BORU20200111008

A Russian company produces valves of improved performance for heat power systems. The company is looking for a partner to make a distribution services agreement.

Reference no: TOFR20200116002

A small company located in the south of France offers advanced performance research and development services and supply of developed monomers, polymers and materials, all tailored to the needs of public or private centers or suppliers of high demand industries. Their expertise is valuable in any field of application (biomedical, aerospace, materials science, petrochemical, chemical industry, energy ...). The company is looking for research cooperation agreements or technical cooperation agreements.