Reference no: TOSI20191213001

A Slovenian Internet of Things (IoT) software development company offers an innovative smartphone IoT platform for fast and agile prototyping and testing of sensor and actuator-based applications. The platform has been successfully used in many international research projects in the fields of smart cities, e-health, industry 4.0 and education. It is desired to make technical and research cooperation agreements with industrial companies, academic institutions, R&D institutes.

Reference no: BOPL20200131001

SME from Poland is a Java based software development company focusing on three issues: e-Commerce (SAP Hybris), CMS (Adobe Experience Manager) and dedicated back office solutions. Since 2007, it has successfully provided software solutions for companies from around the world. The preferred way to collaborate is by subcontracting or outsourcing.

Reference no: TOFI20200207001

A Finnish IT company offers advanced technology specifically designed for real-time management of operations. The solution consists of three main modules: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), optimization software and mobile application. It is cloud-based, has full language support, and can be easily parameterized to various industries. A license agreement or a commercial agreement with technical support is sought. The partner will integrate the solution or part of it into their own systems.

Reference no: BORU20200113020

A Russian company developed intelligent software by processing experimental, genomic, expression, and other biological data. The company is looking for new customers and partners to make long-term licensing deals.

Reference no: BOPL20191230001

A firm from Poland has developed an online platform to bring together buyers and sellers of medical equipment. The platform is used to connect the equipment to hospitals, laboratories, etc. makes it easy to sell. It will establish long-term cooperation with medical equipment manufacturers or distributors who are interested in promoting and selling their products in Poland through the platform. The preferred type of cooperation is a distribution services contract.